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My 10 favorite things in life is to listen to Music because it can have many different meanings and calms me. My favorite food is a nice burger because it’s juicy and can have lot’s of flavors but I like all food.  I also like trucks and all kinds of vehicles because I like things that you can work on and move.

My favorite sport is soccer because their is lot’s of running and can be really thrilling when you make a goal. My favorite place is the Hocking Hills in Ohio because I love to just be in the outdoors. My favorite thing to do in the summer is ride on trails because I just love the thrill and to get dirty.

My favorite book is seeing red which is a pretty good book about a kid in an old town and saves his family history. I also like to hunt, I love to hunt squirrels, deer and mushrooms. My favorite truck brand is ford because they’re pretty tough and strong. Lastly my favorite thing in the world is my family. And those are my favorites!!



My International Event


If I could create a national  event, then it would be called “Outdoor Fest”. This fest would be of course “outdoors” and have something for everyone. We would be celebrating the outdoors and everything you can do outside on this wonderful planet.There would be all kinds of cool vehicles from trucks, to cars, boats, and r.v.’s. Even quads. There would also be all kinds of food and drinks from ribs to burgers, fries to all kinds of wonderful desserts. There would be all kinds of shops and displays up with all kinds of camping equipment and clothes even everyday tools. There would be bands like bluegrass, country and modern music. There would be all kinds of fun games for kids and hay rides and horse rides for everyone. It would be the kind of place where everyone including families would want to be. That’s what my national event would be.


About Jonah

I did an ”About Me Post” for Jonah in my class. Here’s a little bit about him, he’s 12 years old, his unlucky number is 36, and his favorite food is ravioli. Jonah is also really smart, and intelligent. Especially for his age. He’s funny and clever and has a lot of jokes up his sleeve.



My Blog Audit

I’ve been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge and I’ll explain my audit experience and what I think of my blog. First off I have about 105 visitors, and 20 posts including this one. Out of the 20 posts about two of them are school based, three are about my interests, and about 14 of them were set by a challenge. My blog received about 20 comments. Out of the comments about 9 are overseas students, 8 from classmates, and about 3 from teachers/mentors. What I think of my blog is it’s OK but it’s not the best one I’ve seen. I just started learning how to blog and the experience was great. I’d like to do it again. Tatumtle from Tatum’s Terrific Ideas and I reviewed my blog ( Her first impressions was she thought it was good but that I should use a different background. Something that she messed with was Charley my online pet wolf. Tatum liked how I did posts on my interests that weren’t part of the challenge. Another thing she liked was how my badge was close to the top. But she thought that I needed to change my subtitle/Bi Line and take the Thanksgiving countdown off. So that was my experience auditing my blog with Tatumtle. Now I’ll tell you a little bit more about my blog… The post that I liked writing the most was “Bullying…The Worldwide Problem” because I could help explain and stop bullying or at least inform some people about how bad bullying is. There’s about 6 blog widgets on my blog. Some of them are really fun especially the billiards one so make sure you try it. But I think that I have just enough widgets because I don’t want it overcrowded but want there to be enough. Please comment below on what you think about what you think of my blog. (Remember I won’t be offended, I’ll just take it as advice and fix it the best I can. )


Bullying..The Worldwide Problem

Cyber Bullying, ValentãoBullying.. The worldwide Problemdownload.jpg

            Bullying is not fun for anyone.  It’s a BIG problem worldwide. Every year about 3,200,000 students are bullied every year. And about 160,000 teens skip school everyday just because of bullying.

            There are many ways that people get bullied. 1. By cyber bullying which is being mean, rude or nasty and criticizing anyone on the internet. 2. Physical bullying which is physically punching, hitting, touching or teasing someone which can cause physical damage. And 3. mentally bullying someone a.k.a. psychological bullying or emotional bullying ( no it’s not getting into someones mind and messing with someone’s thoughts ) mentally bullying is also called verbal bullying which is when you call someone names or mess with their thoughts and what they think and totally changing what people think about themselves.

            Everybody’s been bullied and we all know it’s terrible. About 14 percent of just highschool kids consider suicide just because of bullying and over 7 percent have attempted it and for every 1 suicide there is a hundred suicide attempts. Think about someone else instead of yourself and make people happy instead of bringing them down. If someone bullies you then just brush it off even if it’s hard because there will always be that person in the world.

            To learn more on bullying go to or Credit to DoSomething.Org and StopBullying.Gov. Credit to the first picture on the left goes to and courtesy for the picture on the right goes to


Veterans Day

What do I think about Veterans Day and the veterans that we honor on the special day of November 11?  I’ll tell you what I think, I think they’re the most bravest, unselfish and courageous people on this earth.

They served for our country, for our freedom, and for everything this country is.  Without them this wouldn’t be the great U.S-of-A that we all know today. Veterans Day is a great day to honor all the people we love, and thank every veteran you see.

I have lot’s of veterans in my family and have many friends who were veterans too. If you think about what they had to go through and their experiences in the armed forces; it wasn’t easy. Not one bit. For us to be us and do what we do everyday, for us to live where we live, and for us to have whatever religion or traditions we have today it’s because our amazing veterans fought for us.

Without them we’re nothing. So please every time you see a veteran especially on November 11, thank them for their service and for our freedom and everything we have today. Please thank them and make their day.


Does Your School Use Technology For Learning

Does you school use mainly technology or papers and textbooks for methods of learning? My school uses both of them about equally but has had an increase in the past couple of years of using technology for assignments and teaching stuff to students. We use web sights like Edmodo, No Red Ink, McGraw Hill Actively Learn, BrainPOP, Juno/ Jupiter grades, and we use a lot more laptops and smart boards than we used too.  Now that you know my schools method of learning… What’s your schools method of learning? Please comment below about it.


Poll On How Many Classes You Have


When I Get Out Of School

What I’m going to do when I graduate school is get a full time job doing something I enjoy, like carpentry or building vehicles or even farming.  Another thing I would like to do is buy a nice house in the country but not too far from my parents so I could visit them and help them if they ever need help with anything. I would also like to go to a nice college but I’m not so sure what I’m going to college to get a degree for. That’s just some of the things that I’m planning on doing when I get out of school. I’m also interested in what other people are planning to do when they get out of school, so please comment below.


My Story Of An Image


My story of this image is that a cow went to take a walk one day and he started walking farther and farther and soon he was lost. Lost in this weird place with all these different people, all these different people were not paying attention to what they were doing and just walking like zombies, talking on this weird thing just walking right over me.  Then these vehicles honking was unbearable. So I wondered where I was, so I tried to ask this guy in a fancy suit and he just ignored me.  Then I asked this little boy and he screamed and ran to his mommy.  So I decided I would ask a little girl. She said I was in New York City.  I gasped and thought how could I have walked so far. My mouth all of a sudden got really dry and I became really tired. So I went to this small store and asked for a bottle of pump water.  I drank it and it pumped me up.  So I finally got on a bus and saw this really comfortable red thing.  So I jumped on the seat and laid down on it and then fell asleep.  Next thing I know I wake up to people screaming about a cow on the bus.  I thought there’s a cow on this bus? At least they are not screaming about me.  Then all of a sudden I get chased off the bus and I look around right after the smoke cleared to see my nice home in the country. Photo courtesy to Miss Wyatts Flicker account.